Subscooter Floating Dock

The SFD has an electrohydraulically powered mobile loading platform, allowing a controlled lower and lift of the SubScooters in order to easily initiate the crews with the
handling of the SubScooters.

The SFD has a whole set of bottles buffer inflated during the night by a compressor and a distribution ramp allowing a quick filling of the air bottles of the SubScooters during day
time. The SFD can be towed at a speed of 5 Knots. A frame can be installed on the ends of bridge pontoons to fix two outboard engines (maximum capacity 60 Hp).

A bar reception is equipped with a cooler for fresh drink, and rack for the personal effects of the customers
The SFD is entirely dismountable for containerized freight.

The floating Dock can adapt itself to go back up outside the water of the small boats or the jets-skis for example.

Price ex Work France: 200 000 €

Download the PDF file