Two elastic ballcocks and a pressure regulator. The pressure regulator connects at the exit low-pressure Express System of your first regulator stages. It frees one relative pressure regulated from 0 to 1 bar in both ballcocks by flexible hoses provided with connector.

The elastic ballcocks consist of an aluminum stiff base and a membrane in elastomer. The maximum volume of every ballcock is 10 liters. Ballcocks stand by Back Pack and come to imprison the bottle by system in eccentric

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Diodon was tested by several confirmed divers and journalists:

- French TV report: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADgoPU1xDYg

- Francis le Guen tested the Diodon and wrote an article on its Blog: http://www.blog.francis-leguen.com/diodon-de-wadeco-industries-la-bouee-universelle/ and an other article for a deep test http://www.blog.francis-leguen.com/arj-diodon-de-wadeco-industries-le-test-profond/

(Photos Erwan Savin Uwv)

- Patrick Marchand tested the Diodon and wrote an article on the Diodon in the number 128 in July/August, 2014 of the magazine "Plongeurs International"

In " Plongée Magazine " N°68 of December, 2014 it speak about the Diodon " Material: With which we shall dive tomorrow? "
" Globally, the result is really encouraging and the development deserves to be pursued. " Thanks to Alain Delmas for his article.

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Vidéo STAB-X

Vidéo STAB-X versus STAB MAIL